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Lite Dentistry

Embrace the Future of Smile Perfection at Lite Dentistry!.
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Lite Dentistry:

Revolutionizing Smiles with Digital Smile Design

Embrace the Future of Smile Perfection at Lite Dentistry!

Discover the ultimate solution for achieving your perfect smile with Lite Dentistry - where the future of dental perfection comes to life!

"Experience the Future of Perfect Smiles at Lite Dentistry!"

Welcome to Lite Dentistry, where advanced technology meets personalized care. Our pioneering approach to dental aesthetics is centered around Digital Smile Design (DSD), a state-of-the-art technique that transforms your smile with precision and artistry.

What is Digital Smile Design? Digital Smile Design is a comprehensive digital planning tool that allows us to harmonize smiles with the patient’s facial characteristics. This innovative approach combines aesthetics, function, and structural stability to create smiles that are not only beautiful but also sustainable.

Our DSD Services

  • Personalized Smile Assessments: Utilizing advanced imaging techniques to analyze your facial and dental structures.
  • Virtual Smile Design: Crafting your ideal smile digitally before any physical treatment begins.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Integrating various dental disciplines for a holistic approach to your smile transformation.

The Lite Dentistry DSD Difference

  • Enhanced Visualization: See your future smile before the treatment starts.
  • Predictable Outcomes: High precision in planning leads to results that meet your expectations.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures: Focus on conserving healthy tooth structure and enhancing natural aesthetics.
  • Collaborative Treatment Planning: Involving you in every step of the design process.

Patient Transformations

Explore our gallery of before-and-after photos showcasing the stunning transformations achieved through our Digital Smile Design services. 

Meet Our DSD Experts.

Our team of dental professionals is skilled in dentistry and trained in the artistry of smile design. 

Dr Navin Vithal

Dr Kevin Yang

Dr Jess Harris

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Discover how Lite Dentistry can redefine your smile with Digital Smile Design. Contact us at for a consultation or book online. Your journey towards a radiant smile begins here!

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At Supreme Dental Concepts, we provide a comprehensive selection of cosmetic dentistry services designed to give you the confident smile you desire.

Our commitment extends to ensuring you look your absolute best.

As dentists, our training in injection techniques and facial anatomy during dental school equips us to preserve your youthful appearance, complementing your beautiful teeth.

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